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About Us

GDStudios is an independent entity and a subsidiary of SUSABAM GD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED. The entity launched operations in the year 2015 with the primary target to producing and delivering no less qualitative audiovisual works at its best.

We have continued to serving the audiovisual production interests of our clients around the globe with quality projects, and location has never been a barrier against working with both the private individuals and the Creative Art Talents we are gratefully blessed to being a part of their successes.

Since inception, till date and going forward. Our establishment gives room for the Creative Art Talents to expressing themselves and showcase their creative gifts around the wide range of opportunities within the creative industry, where GDStudios can firmly be trusted with quality delivery of commercial value audiovisual productions.


To have in place a warmly, welcoming and friendly space that denies no Creative Talent the need to be heard, seen and appreciated with the most deserving commercial value rewards.


To discovering, supporting, projecting and promoting real raw Creative Talents with the strength and energy to making the world a better place.



in our blessed circle are collections of proudly best Brains/Talents who are exceptionally great at the business of Script/Creative Writing and Editing which certainly makes an excellent foundation for every outstanding creative art productions. We Write/Translate creatively in and to the languages of your choice for different projects and for the intended purposes. Our scripting services includes writing creatively for varying digital products such as mobile/web applications, websites and more related., GDStudios as well script for Documentaries, Radio/TV Shows, Ad Copies/Infomercials, Press Releases, Special Occasion Speeches, Casting Captivating And Commercial Value Captions for different products or purposes. You just tell us your story or something you desire as script/production content, and the job is Quite Excellently Done and beautifully delivered to your admiration.


Yes, every voice SPEAKS but not every voice SELLS. GDStudios is blessed with variety of great selling voices best for your Radio/TV Commercial Projects, Special/Customized Voice Signatures, Documentaries and related studio production works. GDStudios makes quality voiceover productions for different projects and in different languages of your choice without limitations to jingle productions for airplay, infomercials, press releases, special occasion speeches in Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, English, French and more. Just the right way your project should be and simply gain the targeted attention your Creative works deserve.


At GDStudios, we walk and work with you from start to finish of your demo, single track or full album project productions [Analogue/Digital Choices] towards the desired success. Grand Master of the craft are we in the 

Recording/Production/Promotion of different music genres including Fuji, Christian/Islamic Gospel Vibes, Hip-Hop Banger, R&B Tunes, Reggae Hits, Juju, Walka, Poetries, Spoken Words and more related. GDStudios do not just record/produce your audiovisual works, we as well put your productions intended for commercial reasons on airwaves for due publicity, coupled with a special promotional interview on radio. It’s simply our own little way to supporting your projects towards the desired/targeted success.


GDStudios either offer services in areas of excellent mixing and mastering of your audio productions even if it’s coming from elsewhere. Our creative and exceptionally talented sound engineers per excellence makes every projects so well to the GDStudios client’s delights, and you would be happy to have your productions sound not just better afterwards but of the best quality desired overall.


We are opened to the interest of every independent Artists/Broadcasters who desire to use GDStudios state of the art facility for their audiovisual production needs. Are you a freelance Voiceover Artist/Broadcaster? Get special discount putting more money in your pocket when you use GDStudios to producing projects like Jingles, Radio Drama, Programs for airplay, Documentaries and many more.

And, why GDStudios the preferred choice of clients with the desires to have great values deserved on their projects did you say? It’s simple………The PASSION driven towards the CREATIVITY in our audiovisual projects always produce stunning EXCELLENCE and you surely would be glad doing business with GDStudios on your next projects.


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